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Site Maintenance, Upgrade & grounding

We offer site tower maintenance services for general maintenance, planned upgrades, and emergency issues. We have an extensive list of projects in which we’ve helped our customers maintain and upgrade their sites.


Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical system improvements and upgrades

  • Generator replacement

  • Tower foundation repair and reinforcement

  • Tower reinforcement or component replacement

  • Ground system enhancements and upgrade, soil resistivity testing

  • Fence and general site civil maintenance

  • Building or shelter replacement

  • Painting, galvanizing, and finish repair

  • Antenna and line work

  • Underground utilities

  • Tower inspections

  • Plumb and tensioning of guyed towers

  • Tower demolition and decommissioning

  • Emergency response services for critical communication systems

  • Both licensed and unlicensed PTP equipment installations and service

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