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Microwave & Antenna Services

A large segment of our business lies with microwave installation and path alignment.  We have installed new microwave systems with over 20 hops and performed antenna refresh projects involving over 50 antennas being swapped on a single contract. Whether a large project, or a single microwave hop or antenna replacement, our tower technicians have demonstrated they are not like normal tower technicians from many companies. We invest in our tower climbing staff to ensure they have the technical expertise to understand what they are installing, it’s purpose, and desired outcome. Our technicians and towers climbers have received training and certifications from Nokia, Aviat, SIAE, Radwin, Microwave Networks, Cambium, Ubiquiti, Commscope, RFS, DBSpectra, Sinclair, and others.  Our past history of performing on numerous microwave and antenna projects for large private businesses, ski areas, local and county government, and federal agencies demonstrates we can install and align your microwave path whether a 12” panel or 10’ dish. Whether waveguide or fiber, we provide turn-key microwave equipment to our customers.

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