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Consulting & Training

One of the first services we started providing, and a large division of our business today, is consulting and training. Elk Mountain Technology was founded to fill a unique market gap. Most of our staff started as technical representatives at customers. In those roles they were regularly pitched products and, over time, became increasingly frustrated with the lack of knowledge of salespersons and those making purchasing decisions. We quickly recognized that many customers, whether government or private business, lack the in-house knowledge to truly perform an assessment of their needs to drive the right purchasing decisions. Most of the time customers end up with whatever the sales team thinks they need, only to have multiple change orders before they get what they had in mind from the beginning. We’ve successfully consulted for numerous governmental and private business customers in multiple states to help them navigate sales pitches and ensure they are purchasing the equipment needed to fulfill their mission. We have saved our customers millions of dollars in unnecessary equipment purchases and negotiated better rates for equipment on their behalf.  


Another unique ability of ours is to perform training in just about all facets of telecommunications operations. Whether two-way radio, Motorola console emergency dispatcher training, IP infrastructure, medical courses or tower climbing we have the ability to deliver services to improve your organization. We’ve successfully delivered training to local municipalities and counties, state agencies, the US Forest Service, and the US Army.


Our training services include, but are not limited to:

  • Motorola MCC console training

  • Portable and mobile radio training

  • Radio use, best practice training

  • BLS/CPR training, First Aid, First Responder medical courses

  • Tower climbing

  • Rope access work

  • Rescue

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